iPhone 4 issues with reception

Apple iPhone 4Over at the AB Technology Blog facebook page, Nathan has posted a link to article on Neowin.net listing some of the issues with the new iPhone 4s.

The biggest issue it seems is by pressing your finger in the right (wrong?) place you can kill the reception to your phone…maybe that is a handy feature for when your having an argument with someone and you want to quickly drop the call?

The second issue seems far more widespread and appears to be a major glitch. Multiple reports suggest that the new┬áiPhone 4 loses reception when you hold it by the antenna band. Several videos have popped up across the net explaining the issue and it appears that if you hold the device, as soon as you connect the left side with the bottom, that’s when reception starts to drop. The issue appears to be widespread with most early adopters able to reproduce the problem.

Hopefully Apple is able to quickly fix this issue.

Have you been an early adopter? Got issues with an new iPhone 4? Then let us know in the comments.

More information on issues on Neowin.net’s Article

Image from Apple’s iPhone Page

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