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Get the new Tony Robbins book Money Master the Game with bonus for under $20

I’ve been meaning to preorder this book for weeks from Amazon, but today I stumbled upon this offer. You get the book, plus some fun digital bonuses (including the first chapter as a digital download while you wait for the hard copy to arrive) for $15 USD (I’m guessing around $20 AUD once you add all the exchange rate conversions in).

Grab it now:

Not sure why you should get it?
Check out Tim Ferriss’ interview with Tony on his podcast:

Clean the Fan – Spring Cleaning for Computers

Well it’s drawing near to the end of spring here in Australia, and the weather is warming up. With this increase in temperature our technicians have been called to a number of jobs where computers (which are several years old) are just randomly shutting down. Most of these cases have been solved by removing the side case of the computer and blowing out the inside of the case with a can of air or an air compressor.

This is a rather simple task on a desktop, but when it comes to a laptop, it can be slightly more challenging. Here is a video on how to a) do it and b) how hard it is.

How to Clean a Fan

Is Google taking over the world?….probably not. have complied an image of Google’s Acquisitions over the past 10 years.

Google Acquisitions.

Research by (click to view the full size image)

There are some well known acquisitions such as FeedBurner and YouTube, but many little hidden ones such as PhatBits (a widget engine) or Sprinks (a former PPC engine).

Let us know in the comments what software that you use that Google now owns.

Google Acquisitions on [] via [Download Squad]

WordPress Three dot o dot one update

WordPress 3.0.1 is now available. So it’s time to update. Just remember to backup first, you might want to check out our blog post about backing up your Cpanel WordPress installation.

Here is an extract from the WordPress Blog about the latest release:

After nearly 11 million downloads of WordPress 3.0 in just 42 days, we’re releasing WordPress 3.0.1. The requisite haiku:

Three dot oh dot one
Bug fixes to make you smile
Update your WordPress

This maintenance release addresses about 50 minor issues. The testing many of you contributed prior to the release of 3.0 helped make it one of the best and most stable releases we’ve had.

More information at the WordPress blog.

Email Annoyances

One of the many wonders of the modern age is the message delivery known as email. Like all mediums, its not without its highlights and annoyances. Like Snail mail is great for post cards and letters for friends, but junk mail and bills can be annoying. recently asked it’s users what they didn’t like email. Here are some of the highlights:

“Sent From My”

“Sent from my iPhone” may as well say “I don’t know how to change my settings, or am too pretentious to try”

Disclaimers and Reminders

Three paragraph legal disclaimer that’s longer than the message. Also: attached logos or graphics.

Needless, Nagging Euphemisms

Using the CC field when you should use the BCC field to send out a mass e-mail. Keep my address private, dammit!

For the full article head to Lifehacker’s The Worst Email Habits and Annoyances You Should Avoid (or At Least Be Aware Of)

A few other personal annoyances.

If you don’t forward this on you’ll die

Those rather annoying forwards that come around. Although they seem to be dieing out and being replaced by Facebook Groups.

People that think you should live on your email because they do.

As Timothy Ferris explains it in the 4 Hour Work Week – Email is a huge time waster and is rather inefficient.

Let us know what annoys you with your email in the comments.

Painful Exercises for better health.

Embody Herman Miller
Embody Herman Miller Chair

Unfortunately for many of us life has left us sitting…rather quite literally in a chair at work each day. but this leads to poor posture which creates all sorts of physical back and neck problems. Which I’m told in turn effects all sorts of strange and wonderful parts of the body. So the bottom line is: Improve your posture.

It’s one of those things that hurts to do before you see any results, but it worth it in the long run. Today I received an email in my inbox about this short ~10 minute video that provides some basic exercises that you can do practically anywhere.

The Video is titled “Strength and Structure with Pete Egoscue, Back Into Alignment: Taking Charge of Your Core Muscles” and can be found on Tony Robbins site here: Strength and Structure with Pete Egoscue

Be warned that doing something healthy may actually hurt.

Another useful tool that I find helpful when sitting at a computer all day is called WorkRave. It’s a cross platform software that forces you to take breaks…small micro breaks for 30 seconds, and longer extended rest breaks for 10 minutes. The software allows you to customise the timings to suit you. Grab a copy at WorkRave

How do you stay healthy at your chair? Let us know in the comments below.

Quick Links:
Video on Improving your posture
WorkRave – Software that makes you slow down and stop

Photo: HermanMiller  Embody – Reviewed as one of the most comfortable office chairs. Check it out at