Standardized phone cap calculator

The other day I was trying to compare different phone caps across the multitude of carriers and I found the task quite daunting and difficult. The new price per unit or Standardized pricing that the supermarkets have been using is a great way to easily compare similar products. So I started thinking, why don’t we do the same for mobile phone plans? This would allow us, as customers to easily shop around and get the best deals, empowering us to make the best mobile phone plan choice that suits what we want and need.
And thus the phone cap comparing spreadsheet was born.
I now have 1 of my programmers working on turning it into something you can easily use on this site.
Watch this space over the coming weeks.

P.s I know the reason why this isn’t a popular thought, mobile phone companies like Telstra and Optus don’t want you to have the power to easily compare their plans.

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