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12 Week Body Hacking Challenge

12 weeks is all we have. 12 weeks to go from who we are to who we want to be. 12 weeks off competition in a real life book review geared around hacking the human body.

The 4 Hour Body - Timothy FerrissBook 1:

“The 4 Hour Body” by Timothy Ferriss

(Crown Archetype (December 14, 2010)


You Are What You Eat - Dr Gillian McKeithBook 2:

You Are What You Eat

by Gillian McKeith (Plume March 28, 2006)

Tim’s book is centred around the small things we do that make large differences (see the video at the end of this post for more information) vs Gillian’s turn your current life upside down on it’s head & make some rapid radical changes that produce radical results.

The goal is simple: look better than the other guy (in this case, girl).

Some background on our competition: Carolyn Managh (Carolyn’s Blog) had started reading Gillian’s book as a way of getting healthy for the start of the new year. Around the same time I received my new copy of the Four Hour body. Carolyn started changing some things in her life, like walking 20 minutes in the morning to work, where as I started doing some things like investing in some measurement devices, drinking a green drink (that has been called numerous things from pond scum to radiator inhibitor – it is neither) & just generally getting my head around the concepts of the book (health and fitness has never really been my thing, but science, things you can measure, test and track…data…that’s more my thing). Each of us was getting there, but we needed something a little extra. A push, or an additional edge. Something to turn it from just “getting healthy for the sake of getting healthy” to “getting the best result possible in a predefined time”, something with a completive edge. Our competition was born.

As we go though this journey I’ll document as much as I think is necessary and explain a bit about what each of us is doing. This has moved from just getting healthy to a game of science.

Let the competition begin.

Here is the short clip I mentioned earlier: