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Dell Powerconnect 5424 SNMP web management issue

Just ran into a strange issue when configuring a SNMP community on the web interface. Alas it was broken.

2016-01-19 10_36_26-ATKOSD22016-01-19 10_36_26-ATKOSD2

And clicking on “add’ results in an error

‘Access Error: Request Entity Too Large’2016-01-19 10_36_47-ATKOSD2
An easy fix is to stop being lazy and CLI into the switch and fix it.

The command:

snmp-server community public su

2016-01-19 10_39_23-Greenshot image editor

And look, it works for us. Now you can webconfig until your heart is content.

2016-01-19 10_38_07-ATKOSD2

Don’t forget to write your switch config changes.

Reference: Dell 5424 CLI Manual, Page 328 ‘snmp-server community’