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How to save $100,000 and 3 years of your life

Foot Steps

Most people follow the following formula for life:

 Go to school -> Get good grades -> Go to Uni -> Get a good job -> Work for the best part of your life / 40 years -> retire on some small savings -> die.

Others doubt the validity of the above formula.

What if it was possible to remove part of the equation (and a large expense), and then simply replace with: Socialising?

Here is how: 8 Steps To Getting what You want without formal credentials

Could it really be that easy? Well Michael Ellsberg from Forbes.com believes it is, what you know combined with who you know can land you your dream job. And guess what, if it doesn’t work out, you can always go back to doing things the long hard and expensive way, but now you have a head start of real world knowledge in your chosen area.

Disclaimer: If you want to be a doctor, engineer or anything other major job that requires a degree to be certified, you should do the degree (although there is nothing stopping you from applying some efficacy rules to make the degree more stream lined). But most other jobs that traditionally require a degree, they can be suitably hacked using the 8 step method.

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