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How to download all the images in a web directory, using WGET

Sometimes you are faced with the issue of downloading an entire folder of images from a website and all you have is the apache directory listing.

You can download one of two ways.

1) Right click on each file individually and select download. But if you have more than about 10 images, this is annoying slow and painful.

2) Use some software to make it happen. I choose to use wget for this task, here’s how.


1) Install Cygwin in Windows, then when asked what packages to install, search for wget and tick that. Then press next and you’ll be asked to download and install some dependencies, click next and wait for it’s magic to happen.

2) When installed open up Cygwin terminal and issue the following command:

wget -rnp -N http://path.to.folder.with.images.com/path/goes/here

What that will do is download all the files that it can find under that directory and further down though the folders (the -r part). But it stops it from going backwards (the -np part) and finally, should you need to rerun the job later, the -N checks the timestamps so that you don’t have to download the entire directory again just for a couple of updated files.


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