Wish List (Archive)

Recently I saw a video where the guy recommended the following tip to save on impulse buying.

Create a list of all the things you want, whenever faced with a new product, refer back to your list, do you want this new item more than anything on the list? If yes, consider buying it, if not, put it back on the shelf & continue saving for the items on the list.

Well here is my list, to help me filter all my new purchases through.

Things I Want

$100 <
Replacement car door handle
Creative 52 link Thanks to my girl friend.
syma x5c InfoOrder (I brought myself one of these for Christmas 2014).
Victorinox 20cm chef knife:
eBay (Another gift thanks to my girl friend!)

Rode SmartLav+ $59 [Factory Sound] [Store DJ] + Adapter for camera $15

ChromeCast Audio (not the HDMI one) $59 [Harvey Norman]
Mr Robot Season 1 Bluray $39.99 JB Hifi
Mr Robot Season 2 Bluray

Mr Robot Season 3 Bluray

Practically any book from this list:



Color Checker (DataColor or X-Rite, the passport one seems popular enough)
Monitor calibrator (DataColor)

Variable ND filter for 72mm lens
Posture Sensor
Kindle 3G

Joby Gorillapod Focus Kit – Includes BHX Ball & Socket Head (500086) $168.00 – (this is the big one that can hold a 5kg camera.)

Video Camera Microphone (any from this page on Store DJ would do to begin with)

Studio Monitors –  July 14 Ended up with the Presonus Eris E8’s
ProTools – June 14 – Ordered PT 10/11
Emotiv Insight personal EEG $299 USD
Dual Action Orbital Polisher (it makes cars look pretty, justified by including mine and my gf cars in the count)

Roof Racks

4-5 Bay NAS

Fujifilm x100s (x100s 2nd hand for around $600 or an x100 for $450).

Vuse VR camera $879 USD
DJI phantom drone

4k xiaomi drone

Studio Stobes

Gymastics Strength Training package

Canon f/2.8 70-200mm mk II lens (I picked up a Sigma one off eBay)
Canon f/2.8 24-70 mm lens
Canon 7D / 70D / 7D Mk II (not picky) Purchased on a whim from a Camera House sale.
DJI Mavic PRO $2200 (@modelflight)

Sigma 50-100mm f/1.8 ($1099 USD on release.)

$5000 +
Trip to the Middle East ($5750)

Nice to have things
These are things that are interesting or cool, but I don’t really want to pay retail for.

$100 <

Kindle 3G

Leap Motion Controller – Dec 15
40mm pancake lens – June 14
Canon 50mm lens 1.8 STM (the new model)
Novation LaunchPad

Wacom tablet

Tread Bracelet More Info

New iPhone
IPad Air – June 14 (Got an iPad Mini 2 on discount at JB Hifi)
Office Chair

Audio Control Surface

$5000 +

Books / Resources to learn from:
Creative 52
understanding exposure – done
The Roll Model – Jill Millar
Free+Style – Carl
Becoming a supple leopard (Black)

Initial List: May 2014.
Updated: August 1 2014.
Updated: January 6 2015.
Updated: May 24 2015.
Updated: Novemeber 19 2015.

Updated: December 2015

Updated: November 2016