A limited diet – but not of the food kind

A new challenge for the next 7 days….only 1 page for spiritual food. And I mean quite literally a single page torn from an old bible is to be the only part of the bible that I read for the next 7 days. The verses are: Mark 6:20b – 7:35a. (ether for those that don’t know about or are new to the whole Jesus, Bible, God thing: The bible is broken up into 66 books by a bunch of authors and there are 4 books that talk about when Jesus was alive – Mark is one of those books.)

This steams from a story our Bible Study leader recently learnt of: a christian man was in jail during the cold war and some managed to smuggle in just 1 single page of a bible for him to feed himself off.

This exercise may have an interesting out come. Serval things may happen:
-I forget about it and get to busy and a million other lame excuses.
– I read it once, and get bored and put it down.
– I read it once, and receive an amazing revelation.
– I read it multiple times, each time learning and discovering something.

The good thing about God is that is he’ll use just about any situation to get a point across.

Let’s see what happens.

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