Who is James Brereton?

James’ Quick Bio:

Job Title: Cinematography | Photography (Or Cinematographer | Photographer)

Current Employment: Freelance contractor

James and I sat down over a cup of coffee to talk about some of his recent projects.

Andrew (AB): What projects have you been working on lately?

James (JB): I’ve just recently completed one of my biggest passion project: Locomotion. – But my next biggest project I’m starting up is based around chess out of all things.

AB: How do you envision creating something around Chess?

JB: In a basic way I’m hoping to portray a narrative around chess and tell the story of a game where you can actually see what’s going on within the moves. Most times I see others vids on chess, I can’t physically follow what’s going on. So by using a mixture of different focal lengths and angles to show the moves more clearly, dynamic lighting which changes as the mood of the game changes, and music and back story behind the players to keep the story interesting.

AB: What are some of the things that you like/get inspiration from in your line of work?
JB: hmmm, Keith Loutit is a Sydney photographer who was my complete inspiration for my tilt-shift stop-motion “Locomotion” Still very inspired by his work!

AB: and anything that you dislike?
JB: Freehand camera work without justification!; Lack of narrative in film; people telling me that I must take good photos because I have a nice camera!!! Give me a phone camera and I’ll still take an awesome shot! =)  – (AB: yea, maybe with one of those new 5MP + cameras like the iPhone 4!)

AB: What’s the most creative thing you’ve seen this past week?

JB:  I find it incredibly inspiring where someone does something completely fresh and different – a video I saw recently (http://vimeo.com/14803194) did this. An artist organised a professional dance choreographer to create this dance which was filmed, to which he drew frame by frame this emotive piece. Using the real video to aid in more realistic human movement! Very amazing!

More on James: – James Brereton Blog: http://blurredvision.com.au and on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/blurredv


Thought of You from Ryan J Woodward on Vimeo.

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