LG Nortel – Phone Auto Answering Calls

Had a random issue, an LG Nortel phone was auto answering calls on speakerphone. It apparently is a ‘feature’.

On the screeen next to the phones name it had (H) instead of (T).
So it said ‘Andrew (H)’

How to fix.

  • Press. Trans/Pgm
  • Option 1 (Ring)
  • Option 2 (Answer Mode)
  • Select T(2)
  • Press Hold/Save to save it.

Thanks to this pdf: LG Quick Reference Guide 8000 Series.pdf

For pointing me in the right direction.

Set Intercom Answer Mode
This determines how your Station will ring when receiving an intercom call

  • Press TRANS/PGM button
  • Dial 1 3 and select
  • 1. for Hands free (Auto answer after a BEEP tone)
  • 2. for Tone ring
  • 3. for Privacy announce (Auto Answer but you must pick-up the handset to talk)
  • Press HOLD/SAVE button or the OK button


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