QNAP to Zentyal Rsync Backup

This is how I got a backup from a QNAP nas to Zentyal working (I understand that most people probably want to do this the other way around…)

QNAP TS-231 running 4.1.3 Build 20150408
Zentyal 3.5

  1. Setting up rsync on Zentyal: http://howden.net.au/thowden/2012/11/rsync-on-debian/
  2. Testing rsync on QNAP:
    1. Open up ‘Backup Station’ App
    2. Go to ‘Rsync’ under ‘Remote Replication
    3. Create a new replication job, use the following settings:
      • Remote Replication Job Name:
      • Remote site:
        Name or IP: [IP address of Zentyal box].
        Username: [Zentyal Admin User]
        Password: [Zentyal Admin Pass]

        Port Number: 873

      Hopefully the test should run successfully, if you cat /var/log/rsyncd you should see the connection, but it probably fails on finding /var/www/pub folder

    4. If everything works, go ahead and update the configuration files, and set locations to their final paths

    I can’t work out how to get this working over SSH just yet.

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