LG IPECs Tips and Tricks

Things I’ve had to pick up from working with an LG IPECs phone system.

1) Default Phone Password is: 147* (for when prompted when you first take them out of the box).

2) Setting up an additional phone.
– Make sure that DIP switch 3 is set to ‘on’ to allow additional handset registration.
– On another phone Go to ‘Trans/PGM’ -> [7] Supplementary -> [8] Network Config to see how the system in setup (handy for finding VLANs and such).
– Plug in the new phone and set the settings similar to the current one, just using a different IP address.

2) Voicemail.
– Voicemail is setup as a Hunt Group, the station has to call into that Hunt group and provide a Password, the password is the extension number, followed by the code found in the Authorization Code Table (227).
If the code was 111, the password for Extension 246 would be 246111

– Voicemail can be sent to email. Here is a document outlining how to do it: http://www.ariatech.com.au/uploaded/File/iPECS/QHG-KB/Q522_VSF_to_Email.pdf

3) System Speed Dial / Public Directory.
– Nobody likes bashing in a bunch of contacts on the desk phone. They can instead be updated via the ‘System Speed Dial’ screen in the Web management tool, found under ‘System Data’ -> ‘System Speed Dial’

4) Changing Extensions around.
Update the extensions in Flexible Station Number(PGM 105)
And don’t forget the Flexible DID table (Flexible DID Conversion(231))

2 thoughts on “LG IPECs Tips and Tricks”

  1. Hi Andrew,

    I have recently read your blog about tips of using IPECs PBX. It has been really helpful.

    I have a question in configuring call wait on the PBX through web and hopefully you can give me some suggestions.

    The call wait settings on each station has been enabled. However, when I am on/using the line, if a second call comes, I only hear the beep and the line button is not flashing. Therefore I cannot answer or switch between the two calls.

    Really appreciate your time to response.

    Have a nice day.

    1. Hi Bob,
      Unfortunately, I only know very basic things when it comes to a PBX. Maybe try Googling the model of your PBX with some other keywords like ‘Call Wait’, the name of the section that your in, in the Web UI (LG PBXs use PGM XYZ, where XYZ is a number), or ‘parking calls’.
      Sorry, I can’t be of much assistance.

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