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Installing Canon Printer drivers on ARM Windows

Guess what, the latest Microsoft Surface Pro X, isn’t all that ‘Pro’ friendly with it’s ARM based processor that it seems, nobody has a printer driver for. Who knows why Microsoft haven’t been able to add a 4G chip without having to replace the entire processor with a ARM chip. Lenovo and Dell (and probably HP) have been offering 3G/4G connectivity in their business ranges for years.

Rant over, thankfully a handful of generic priter drivers come in the box which might get you out in a pinch.

1) Go to ‘Printers & Scanners’ under Settings.

2) Click on Add a new Printer and wait, after a while a little message pops up saying ‘The printer that I want isn’t listed’

3) The old Add Printer dialogue appears. Select the last option ‘Add a local printer….’

4) Create a new port – Standard TCP/IP port

5) Use the Machines IP address. Untick the ‘Query the printer’ box.

6) Select the ‘Microsoft PCL6’ driver from the list.7) Print off a test page. It seems to work.

Obviously, you lose all the amazing extra bits from the driver, but for basic stuff, it’s good.

Installing a Canon Image Runner Advance Printer on a Mac OS

For some reason installing the UFR II/UFRII based printer on Mac OS is strangely complex.

Here’s what to do:
1) Download the correct driver for the Canon Machine / Mac OS from the canon site (I install C2020’s a lot: https://www.canon.com.au/multifunction-devices/imagerunner-advance-c2020/support)
2) Install the Package
3) Within System Preferences > Printers > Add a New Printer.
4) Select ‘IP’ from the top tab. Fill the form in as follows:
Address: IP Address of the Printer
Protocol: Change to Line Printer Daemon
Queue: Insert ‘LP’ < this is the part I always forget. Name: A logical name for the user Location: A logical location for the user. Use: Select the Driver from the one that you just installed, in my case I selected 'Canon iR-ADV C2020/2030 Click Add. Canon Printer Mac OS X Settings

It now should now be setup to print.

If you want to setup the default settings on the printer, you need to use the CUPS web interface.
Visit: http://localhost:631/printers/ on the machine.
You’ll probably get a message about CUPS Web interface not being enabled, follow the prompts to open up ‘terminal’ and paste in
cupsctl WebInterface=yes

Then you’ll be able to access the printer UI.
From here you can select the printer, and change the default printer settings.

I always change from 2 sided printing to 1 sided, and from Color to B/W

There you go, installing a Canon Printer or Canon Photocopier on Mac OS X.